Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive (STSI)

STSI is designed to encourage investment in early-stage technology startups that bring new products to market and create jobs in Saskatchewan. The program offers a non-refundable 45% tax credit to Saskatchewan-based investors who invest in Eligible Technology Startup Businesses (ESBs). Tax credits are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Co.Lead provides access to highly-curated experts, resources, and partnerships to accelerate the push to $1M in annual revenue. This means expanded access to mentorships, expertise, and in-kind support to help startups prepare for their Series A.



Co.Launch is a 12-week immersive accelerator program for tech startups in the ideation or prototype phase. Co.Launch is coaching early-stage founders on market validation, landing their first contract, and raising investment.

Crédit d’impôt pour le développement des affaires électroniques (Tax Credit for E-Business Development)

This tax measure is designed to consolidate the development of information technologies (IT) throughout Québec. It provides specialized IT sector corporations that carry out innovative, high-value-added activities a tax credit of maximum $25,000 per eligible employee.