Technology Commercialization Investment Fund

Ag-West Bio’s Technology Commercialization Investment Fund provides repayable investment capital for qualified early stage Saskatchewan bio-science and/or ag tech companies. The Fund supports promising innovative technologies at the early stages of development that demonstrate exceptional long-term benefit to Saskatchewan and a clear pathway to commercialization.

NovaScience: Soutien aux projets en culture scientifique et de l’innovation (NovaScience: Support for Scientific Culture and Innovation Projects)

This program provides support for new projects that help the next generation discover, cultivate and develop their skills in science and research, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics ( STEM).

Bourse nouvel entrepreneuriat privé (New Private Entrepreneurship Grant)

The City of Quebec offers a contribution for the creation of a first joint-stock company by one or more individuals, which can be paid as a personal investment, from 6 months before the first significant sale until 12 months after it. This component is aimed at entrepreneurs and companies supported or going to be supported…