IWE Program

The Indigenous Women Entrepreneur (IWE) Program assists First Nation women wanting to start or grow their own business in Saskatchewan. This program provides tools, resources and supports to help women entrepreneurs access financing, build their credit, and obtaining leverage from other financial supports. The SIEF IWE Micro-loan Program provides loans of up to $20,000 to…

Fonds Entrepreneurship Féminin (Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund)

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund aims to encourage women entrepreneurs in order to facilitate their access to financing for their business project. Financial assistance of up to $100,000 is available to women entreprenerus to enable the completion of business acquisition, start-up, expansion or modernization projects.

Soutien aux femmes entrepreneures (SFE) (Support for Women Entrepreneurs)

The Support for Women Entrepreneurs (SFE) project helps women achieving their entrepreneurial goals by accompanying them through four virtual paths, in all regions of Quebec. Offered continuously, the courses are entirely online and are aimed at all entrepreneurs, regardless of the stage of development of their business.