Staffing UP

By mmuise

Staffing UP provides a wage subsidy to help employers hire new workers to address emergent government priorities.
The Staffing UP program helps employers to:
1. find, hire, and keep workers that are a good fit for your organization;
2. train new or existing workers to meet your needs;
3. develop workplace supports to accommodate your staff;
4. enhance your human resource knowledge and practice;
5. get and use labour market information;
6. connect with other employers to find and keep workers; and
7. hire workers to address emergent Government of Yukon priorities.

Comments on Funding:

1. For wage subsidies for new hires to address the Government of Yukon priorities, we'll consider funding many positions. Depending on demand, some of your positions might be put on a waitlist. We'll re-evaluate the available budget every 2 weeks and re-consider eligible jobs if funds are available.
2. For training projects, employers are limited to the lesser of 3 funding agreements or $10,000 in support per fiscal year.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must be businesses that:

  • provide or offer work to others;
  • are First Nations governments;
  • are not a federal, provincial or territorial government, or Crown corporation;
  • If businesses have no staff, they may be eligible for support under the Working Up program instead.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:


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