Capital de développement: Financement par dette et Financement par actions (Development Capital: Debt financing and Equity Financing)

Investissement Quebec provides Quebec development capital to Quebec companies. Entrepreneurs can obtain up to $100 million in debt financing and 10 million or more in equity financing.

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ESSOR – Volet 3: Appui aux projets d’investissement favorisant une réduction de l’empreinte environnementale (ESSOR’s Stream 3: Support for Investment Projects Promoting a Reduction in the Environmental Footprint)

This stream provides financial assistance to investment projects involving at least $100,000 in eligible expenditures and aimed at significantly reducing the environmental footprint of a company already established in Québec, regardless of productivity, through the acquisition and implementation of clean technologies.

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ESSOR – Volet 2: Appui aux projets d’investissement favorisant la productivité et l’expansion des entreprises (ESSOR’s Stream 2: Support for Investment Projects Promoting Productivity and Business Expansion)

This stream supports projects aimed at accelerating the productivity growth of Quebec companies through an innovative technological transition or the acquisition of new technologies or to promote the realization of investment projects in Quebec as part of the establishment or expansion of companies from here or elsewhere.

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ESSOR – Volet 4: Appui à l’internationalisation des entreprises (ESSOR’s Stream 4: Support for the Internationalization of Companies)

This stream is designed to Increase the presence of Québec companies in global supply chains by supporting them in their more complex internationalization strategies.

ESSOR – Volet 1: Appui à la concrétisation de projets d’investissement (études de faisabilité et diagnostic numérique) (ESSOR’s Stream 1: Support for the Realization of Investment Projects (Feasibility Studies and Digital Diagnosis))

This program is designed to accelerate the realization of an investment project for Quebec companies by funding feasibility studies and a digital diagnosis prior to the investment project.

Valo-Capitale: Commercialisation de l’innovation (Valo-Capitale: Commercialization of Innovation)

This program offers a contribution to help companies deploy the marketing plan for innovative products or processes. The project must target to commercialize the results of university or public research through the deployment of a marketing plan, or the commercialization in a new market outside Quebec of the results of research or development in the…